Remington Holder

I am a hobbyist electronics tinkerer and software developer. I have experience primarily in web stack: (Back-End): Javascript, NodeJs, and MongoDB (Front-End): HTML, CSS, and CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Skeleton. I also have experience working on small scale Java projects/applications. I am currently adventuring into Genetic Algorithms.

Besides my hobbyist adventures, I work in the Information Technology and Software Development sectors and have my own company [Nordistar] which I now spend most of my off-time wokring on.

Personal Projects:

List of Projects
Project Status Language(s) Link
HDFS (Help Desk Filing System) In Development NodeJS / JavaScript / HTML N/A
NASA-BGC (NASA Background Changer) Finished Rust N/A
Quixur (Social Network) In Development NodeJS / JavaScript / HTML [link]
Snake Early Development 6502 Assembly N/A
Term Calc Finished For Now C [link]
Blade Search Finished JavaScript / HTML [link]
Arduino Thermostat Finished C/C++ N/A
Arduino Calculator Finished C/C++ N/A
Hyperbeat Service Terminated JavaScript / HTML [link] Active HTML / CSS [link]
BladeBot Development Suspended JavaScript / NodeJS N/A
Cuberunner Finished C# / Unity N/A
SlateOS Development Suspended C / x86 Assembly N/A
Chat App Service Terminated JavaScript / HTML N/A

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